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Sandler Rules

Don’t spill your candy in the lobby

Many of us suffer from the “I can’t wait to tell you everything” syndrome. It’s not only the sales professionals, but it’s most common with us. It’s best if we can wait until the movie starts to enjoy our candy. Continue Reading →

Book Reviews

The Tipping Point

I don’t know how familiar everyone is with the collection of books written by Malcolm Gladwell, but they are all fantastic! This one, however, directly applies to my world, my business world, and can help you build a stronger network Continue Reading →

Timeless Tactics

Your client is my prospect.

The STORY: In the past three years, Bob has made top salesperson 10 times. He guards his customer list. New hires quickly learn which people not to approach. If calls come in from those people, well, they belong to Bob, Continue Reading →


My sales rep is a better listener!

“Stevenson, I can confirm that [my sales rep] was not real enthusiastic about Sandler in the beginning. However, after going thru several of your courses he has admitted that most of the training has been beneficial and that he can Continue Reading →

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Getting back into the website

It’s been a great week, albeit my schedule has been packed! I’ve been re focusing my energy back onto my local franchise after having been on the road training for so long. We are working on expanding our website to Continue Reading →

Sandler Brief

Buyer Motivation: It Starts with the Child

David Sandler’s search for knowledge about why and how people buy coincided with the Transactional Analysis (TA) movement in psychology. TA theory defines three ego states that influence our behavior—the Parent, the Adult, and the Child. Think of these ego Continue Reading →