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Sandler Rules

Never Answer An Unasked Question

This is an important rule for all of you “presenters” out there. Those with the gift of the gab sometimes find themselves unable to stay focused only the issues you and the prospect have discussed. And nothing else! Avoid introducing Continue Reading →

Book Reviews

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

This book by T. Harv Eker was one of those books that I don’t even remember how it got on my desk. It was meant to be there, however, because it was exactly what I was looking for. I needed Continue Reading →

Timeless Tactics

Get out your calendar.

The STORY: Almost every salesperson in the world has some method of keeping track of appointments; most often it’s a calendar of sorts. And, while it should come as no surprise, so do most peo- ple who make appointments with Continue Reading →


My sales rep is a better listener!

“Stevenson, I can confirm that [my sales rep] was not real enthusiastic about Sandler in the beginning. However, after going thru several of your courses he has admitted that most of the training has been beneficial and that he can Continue Reading →

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February 12th – Sandler Day

You are invited! Come and join us for our monthly Sandler Training Event on February 12th at Wildhorse Golf Club. For all current Sandler Students   -Sandler Training

Sandler Brief

Confirm the Investment Before You Invest Your Time

Has this ever happened to you? During an initial discussion with a prospect, you make it a point to review your pricing information. You put everything right out on the table. The prospect tells you the price you mention “looks Continue Reading →

Sandler Success Stories

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